One Small Victory

A quick update from the local county council elections here in Worcestershire. As readers will know, the BNP decided to stand in the one Kidderminster ward with an Asian candidate, standing for the Tories.

I am delighted to report that the BNP were defeated on this occasion, with the Tory candidate, Mr Ahmed winning the seat. As such, a big thank you must go out to the clear majority of local residents who chose to reject the hate filled policies of the BNP.

One must still call into question however the three hundred residents who did vote BNP. Many of these, I’m sure were taken in by the BNP advertising campaign, as well as the ineffective campaigning from the other parties. It just goes to show that even after this one small local victory, there is still a lot of work in the community to do in order to change hearts and minds.

On a personal note, I took it upon myself to conduct what amounted to a one man door step campaign on behalf of Hope not Hate, and in the space of several weeks managed to deliver over two thousand leaflets. I hope that in some way the public took note of the real danger that the BNP represent, and if so, it makes the sunburn and aching feet all the more worth it!

All that awaits now are the European Election results on Sunday………

BTW: As mentioned above, the BNP recieved 300 votes – Labour only recieved 225, putting them in last place in that particular ward.