The art of being grumpy

I’m often accused of being grumpy or miserable. To which I normally reply: ‘Good, now fuck off and let me go about my day’. You see, being grumpy is not the same as being ‘unhappy’, or ‘depressed’. It really isn’t….

Yet all to often this is a concept that far too many people fail to grasp. Let’s make something clear; yes I get unhappy at times, just like all of us do. There are things in my life that make me sad; things that have made me deeply unhappy.

That is not the same as being grumpy. I often think that I’ve made a career out of being grumpy; so much so that it’s almost an art form; almost a performance. It might also be true that I use my grumpy outlook as a wall against the rest of the world, to prevent some people from getting too close to me.

It’s also true that I’m grumpy because I care. There are a lot of things in the world that piss me off, and I hate the fact that sometimes I can’t do anything, or very little, to change them.

I’m not an unhappy man. All things considered, I’ve led a normal, lucky life; and for that I’m very thankful. I’ve got a job, a roof over my head, great friends and for most of my life, until this year at least, good health. These things are important to me and make me happy, and hopeful for the future.

So, with that in mind, here are some examples of life’s little piss takes that really fuck me off:

1. Annoyingly happy people: Life is not THAT perfect! I do not want to listen to your inane drivel ALL day!

2. Loud school children on my train in the morning: Just because you go to a nice, private school doesn’t give you permission to act like a bunch of little fuck-wits.

3. David Cameron.

4. X-Factor: (see also Big Brother and any other pile of rancid shit on tv.)

5. Fools who insist on phoning me at two in the morning. You should know how much I love sleeping, or if you didn’t, you sure as hell do now.

6. Americanisms: You live in the UK for fucks sake!

7. Rude shop assistants: Look me in the eye when you’re serving me! I don’t want your ever lasting gratitude, just some basic good manners would be a start.

8. Cruelty to animals – including foxes.

9) Lazy people: Do something, ANYTHING with your lives!

10. Anyone who works in sales: I can spot these twunts from miles away. If I need something, I’ll come and buy it from you; until then, you’re nothing more than a ridiculous hair cut to me.

11. People who insist on talking about their children – constantly. I understand how much you love them, but I don’t need to know.

12. Office Christmas parties – why do I have to pretend that I’m having a good time with people I spend far too much time with in the first place?!

13. Tories.

14. Arrogance (see salespeople)

15. Chain coffee shops: When I say large, I mean large, not some other stupid fucking word that you describe the word ‘large’ as!

16. The BNP: Along with any other buffoons out there with racist, fascist or disgusting views.

17. Homophobia.

18. ‘Two Faced’ people: If you don’t like me, don’t pretend that you do; I really don’t care!

19. Religion: Feel free to believe in anything you want; just don’t EVER try to force your views upon me.

20. Dirty people: Have a wash for fucks sake! It’s not that hard!

This list could go on and on; believe me it really could. This is just an example though, and as such It’s served it’s purpose.

The point is this though, if you know me, do not mistake my grumpy facade as unhappiness – it’s not. I tend to keep those thoughts to myself, where they belong…….

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Quote of the day

As the weekend of despondency continues, it’s nice to know that I can rely on my favourite Nazi arse-face, uber-fuhrer Nick Griffin to put a smile on my face. The BNP have been holding what can only amount to crisis talks.

Reading between the lines this is simply because they’re broke and members are leaving the party faster than one of my ex-girlfriends after they discover what they’ve really let themselves in for.

So, over to the ‘bonk-eyed fuck-wit’ himself:

‘ Put simply, the party has not been performing as well as it should have.’

BNP so broke, Griffin forced to sell ‘good eye’

It’s a dull, rainy day here in Kidderminster. The sort of day that makes you want to reach for that bottle of Night Nurse that been lurking in bathroom cabinet for the past seven years. However, the latest news from  HOPE not hate has brightened up a very dull day. It seems that the BNP are broke. Skint. On their collective Nazi fuck-wit uppers. In short, fucked….

This has really made my day, all the in-fighting, resignations and court costs have left Griffin one step away from running off to Brazil. The BNP are now in melt down, and whilst this is the best news possible, we must be aware about what could happen with regards to the possible after effects.

Read the full news report HERE

BNP continues to implode

The full-scale implosion within the ranks of the BNP ‘leadership’ continues today with the news that Lee Barnes, the BNP  ‘legal officer’ has resigned his position with immediate effect.  Barnes has gone as far as to accuse Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson of committing acts of fraud. He has also attacked those in the party who he describes as the “vermin in the gutter of British Nationalism”.

This infighting is obviously good news for those of us who seek to expose the lies and hatred within the very soul of the BNP and it’s supporters. Griffin is becoming increasingly isolated, and I’m sure it wont be too long before we find him hiding out in his own version of a Berlin bunker, loaded revolver close at hand.

You can read Lee Barnes’ full resignation letter by clicking here – as reported on the excellent Kirklees Unity site.

Update – August 2010

Hello once again; as you can see I have returned.

As seems to be the case in recent times, I like to have a little break between bouts of feverish writing. This happens for various reasons; in the main it’s due to being rather bored with the subject matter. It’s been a odd year so far; I’ve changed job and as such am now free from the repressive world of the civil service, (not that this ever stopped me before), and I’ve had a few rather worrying health problems, (thank God for the wonderful NHS). This coupled with a few other ‘personal issues’ has left my mind somewhat distracted of late….

So, it seems a lot has happened; Brown has gone at last and New Labour perished, (as I predicted would happen in this very blog two years ago). Clegg has taken Cameron’s limp Eton penis up his arse; taken his fellow Lib Dems along with him, and are already getting ready to fuck us all firmly up the arse. Oh, and the BNP and EDL are still a bunch of thick, (but dangerous) fuckwits…

Time to get angry again then. Time to make a stand.

It’s good to be back…..

OK Nick, you can fuck off again now….

As was to be expected, the fallout from Nick Griffins appearance on Question Time continues apace. Those who favour a ‘no platform’ policy with regards to the BNP have looked upon the subsequent media coverage of the event to claim that the BBC were in fact wrong to invite Griffin onto the programme; and that events during the past two days validate this view.


A YouGov poll in today’s edition of  The Times indicates that 22% of people in this country would ‘seriously consider’ voting for the far-right party in an upcoming election. Let’s just look at that: 1 in 5 people asked would ‘seriously consider’ voting for the BNP – that’s consider, not WILL vote for the BNP. Eight Million people watched Question Time on Thursday night; as a result, I’m not at all surprised that support for Griffin and his dubious friends received a little boost, this is to be expected, and hopefully over the coming weeks this will reduce significantly. Of course, this poll makes a great headline, but let’s not forget the other 78% of voters in this country who would hopefully NEVER consider voting for that pathetic bunch of fascist fuckwits.

I still think that the BBC were right to include Griffin on the programme. Those who favour ‘no platform’, including Peter Hain, look upon this as a massive early Christmas present for the BNP, providing them with massive exposure, and possibly leading to a large increase in their overall support. The answer to this is very simple; by censoring Griffin and the BNP, the media storm does not in fact dissipate – it remains and it makes a martyr out of Griffin to his misguided supporters. You see, with a character such as Griffin, you really can’t win; if you invite him to speak on Question Time he claims he was bullied; if you don’t, he’ll claim he’s being censored by the ‘liberal elite’. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s far better to let the fascists make absolute fucking fools of themselves. Personally I’m just as concerned about the lies and filth peddled every week in the Daily Mail and Express.

The way in which we react to the BNP in the coming weeks and  months is vital. Let Griffin have his five minutes in the spotlight, this will soon fade. There is a view that says that you can’t reason with a racist – this might be true enough, however, through debate and conversation, we can hopefully persuade all but the most hard-core BNP supporter not to vote for them in the future.

There is undoubtably a huge task ahead of the major political parties to reconnect with those voters who have unfortunatly drifted towards the BNP and their policies of hate and division. It may be that Labour has the most work to do here, especially in the North and the Midlands. However, it would be misguided and wrong to lay the blame squarely at Labours door. Yet, this is what certain Tories are now trying to do; Iain Dale has kicked things off  in predictable fashion on his blog by claiming that Labour are responsible for the ‘rise of the BNP’. This was followed up by an appalling performance by Nadine Dorries last night on Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions’, during which, she launched into what can only be described as a hesterical rant on the subject, the end result of which ended with Jacqui Smith asking her to ‘calm down’. Typical behaviour from Dorries I’m afraid – continuing to live in her own little fantasy world.

The responsibility to tackle the BNP remains with all of us, regardless of which political party we follow or support. All of us have a duty to protect and nurture the fair and tollerant society in which we live, and it is pathetic and unfair of the Tories to suggest otherwise.

Griffin: “I’m not a Nazi….” REALLY!?!?

Aug09_VE_Nazi-NickSo, now that the dust has settled, and with the whiff of moral indignation still heavy in the air, I suppose now is as good as time as any to discuss my thoughts following the appearance of Nick Griffin on last nights Question Time.

To be honest, I’m still in two minds. As things go, I thought that it went as well as we could have hoped for. Prior to transmission I would admit to being rather concerned as to how the evening would pan out. The last thing I wanted was for the nasty little Nazi to be given the opportunity to spout a load of populist nonsense with regards to the topics of the day.

As it turned out this did not happen. As I’m sure many of us expected, Griffin came across as the narrow-minded, evil little racist that he’s always been. Nothing he said last night could have changed that. From the very start he appeared completely out of his depth amongst the other panelists, he spluttered and squirmed his way through a series of questions, dropping in a few hideous and disgraceful comments along the way.

As for the other panelists; on the whole I thought they performed rather well. Each one contributed and played their part in Griffins downfall, although, let’s be honest, Griffin is such a fool, he needs no help.

Of course, today, Griffin has now come out complaining about his unfair treatment on the programme, in fact saying that he was a victim of a ‘lynch mob’. The irony of this is surely not lost on us. After all, this is the same man who shared a platform with KKK leader David Duke, and who last night described that vile organisation as almost ‘totally non-violent’. True to form, Griffin then questioned the choice of London as a venue for the programme.

He told Sky News today that:

“That audience was taken from a city that is no longer British … That was not my country any more. Why not come down and do it in Thurrock, do it in Stoke, do it in Burnley? “Do it somewhere where there are still significant numbers of English and British people [living], and they haven’t been ethnically cleansed from their own country.” He added: “There is not much support for me there [in London], because the place is dominated by ethnic minorities. There is an ethnic minority that supports me: the English. But there’s not many of them left.”

This is typical Griffin, and a good example of the insidious way in which the BNP attempt to worm their way into society by playing on the fears and worries of those who feel disenfranchised not only with modern politics, but also with life in this country.

Griffins gang of fascist supporters will of course now rally behind their bullied leader. No sooner had the programme finished then claims were coming out from the BNP bunker about increased website traffic, and increased membership interest. By the way, this is despite the fact that their membership levels have in fact decreased over the past two years.

Last night proved once and for all that the ‘no platform’ idea does not and will never work. As much as I loath Griffin and all that he stands for, I’m more than happy for him to make a complete and utter fucking fool of himself on national television. Once and for all we need to understand that we can not defeat the BNP by censorship. You will not defeat the BNP by following a policy of ‘no platform’, and, most importantly, you will never defeat the BNP by holding violent protests and trying to invade the BBC. Words over violence is the only way forward; you beat the BNP by the strength of our ideas. You beat the BNP by exposing the truth, uncovering the many lies, by laying waste to the hatred and disgust that the fascists have for our open and tolerant society.


Violence breeds violence. As comrades, together in a common cause, we must take every single opportunity to expose these people for what they really are. The truth is a far more damaging and lasting deterrent to the preachers of hate, far more damaging then throwing eggs and fighting on the streets of our towns and cities. One again the UAF are way off the mark; not a week goes by without them setting our cause back, and in the process creating more sympathy for the likes of Griffin. As has happened in the past, the leadership and supporters of the UAF fail to adapt or move forward – too stuck in their ways, with their rigid, dogmatic code of no platform. When will they finally understand that the tired old ways of protest simply do not work anymore. It is time to evolve, to move forward, to use our brains and not our fists.

If last night showed us anything, it was that Griffin hasn’t changed, and his party will never change, and the fight against the fascists is far from over. There could be dark days ahead, but never forget: WE are in the right. We live in a tolerant and diverse country, I’m proud to say that I still have faith in the people of this country to do the right thing. The great people of this country will not fall for Griffin’s racist bile. Together, we can defeat the BNP; together we can create a society where those holding fascist views are confined to the dustbin, along with all the other extremists who try to spread fear and hatred. We must not, and will not let them win.

Fascist Followers of Fashion

As summer crawls away and the nights begin to draw in, one question begs to be answered – just what will your average, fashion conscious fascist be wearing this Autumn? Well, the answer lies on the BNP website.


Yes, this year, all the best dressed Nazi scum fucks can wear the new BNP range of anti-Islamic t-shirts at the bargain price of only £10.oo each! Wow! Who could refuse such a fantastic offer!? Certainly not the brain dead members of the English Defence League, whom the BNP are obviously targeting.

Although, as we all know; there really is no connection between the  BNP and the EDL, and to suggest so would just be really, really silly….

Yeah right…

It Couldn’t Happen Here…..Again.

John Denham wrote in the Guardian last week about the danger of us returning to the 1930’s Fascist protests carried out by Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists. We have all seen the recent anti-muslim protests that have been taking place in Luton, Birmingham and Harrow – organised by the self-styled English Defence League, and their various splinter groups.

At the moment, these protests are small scale, and do not compare with protests such as Cable Street in 1936.

However, this could be the start of a dangerous period of racial unrest; and as such, our response should be measured.

Whilst I can understand the anger of those muslims who took on the protesters in Harrow last week; violent retaliation is not, and will never be the way forward. Violence breeds violence, and as such, has a hugely damaging effect on the wider anti fascist community.

The real way forward has always been through discussion and open debate. By challenging the views of those on the far right, we not only expose their ineptitude, but also highlight their hatred and contempt for a fair and open society. Our muslim friends and neighbours can also play a vital part in this process by being as open as possible and engaging fully in our communities.

Whilst I have no problem with peaceful protest; fighting in the streets of our towns and cities and general civil unrest is not, and will never be the path to take. As a side issue, that includes throwing eggs at Nick Griffin.

The confrontational style of protest by organisations such as  Unite against Fascism, has a detrimental effect on our work; and whilst I agree with their ultimate goals and aims, there must be better way of achieving them.

Protests by thugs such as the EDL must be controlled by the police, and if possible, banned by our local authorities. We can all play a part in this by contacting the relevant authorities and requesting immediate action against these protests before they take place. HOPE not hate are once again active in working to keep these fascists off our streets. The next planned protest  by the EDL could take place in Leeds on 31/10/09 – to prevent this, and to keep Leeds safe, we can all take place in the latest HOPE not hate campaign.

As a further consequence, any increase in civil and racial unrest plays straight into the hands of the BNP. The EDL has been very vocal in distancing itself from the BNP and their fascist policies. Odd then, that the BNP have been selling EDL merchandise on their website.

Let us be very clear about this – the EDL are connected to the BNP; or rather the hidden face of the BNP that they would rather keep quiet about – to think otherwise is laughable.

So, let’s support peaceful protest, encourage open debate and let Griffin make a fool of himself on the BBC’s ‘Question Time’.

Together we can lead the fight against fascism by using words rather than fists.