Time passes, memories fade.

I’ve noticed something rather disturbing recently. In truth, I notice a lot of disturbing things, but this one thing has become very hard to fathom.

Those that know me, or have read previous posts will be aware that I lost both my parents by the time that I had reached the age of twenty. As I race towards the grand old age of forty, this seems longer ago than ever before, and this leads me onto my problem.

The longer that time pushes ahead, the less I remember what my parents actually looked like.

This might seem like an odd thing to say, after all, why don’t I don’t look at some old photos? The fact is, I don’t have any. Not one. All my family photos were lost when I was in the process of selling my late Mothers house following her death in 1993. I don’t know how they all got lost; the answer to that remains as lost as the photos themselves.

All I have left are memories, and it breaks my heart that these are becoming more fragmented and distant as time passes. As far as my Dad is concerned this presents less of a problem, after all, I only have to look in the mirror and he’s looking straight back at me. What breaks me up is the fact that my Mum is slipping from my mind; not my memories of her, they will always remain and there’s never been a single day when I’ve not thought about her, however the visual recollection is almost lost to me.

This is what upsets me the most, the one person in the world who was closest to me, and I can no longer remember her face. I don’t think I could possibly begin to describe to you the sorrow and emptiness that has filled those memories, and if I were talking to you face to face, I doubt if I could even try.

Every once in a while I see my Mum in dreams. I always remember them, and for that brief moment I see her how I once remembered her. In those few, short, fuzzy minutes when waking up this always comes as a nice, warm comforting moment. I’m always thankful for this when it happens, although it’s not that often. The worst part of this is the feeling that a whole part of my past is now lost to me; I started writing about my childhood last year in an effort to help me remember. This was a difficult decision to make, by my very nature I’m a very private man, I try to keep my most personal thoughts and feelings to myself. I’ve always tried to protect myself from heartbreak, and perhaps the end result of this is a misconception that I’m a rather cold individual. I guess that by writing about these things it makes it easier to say the things that I would be unable to say to people in person. Not because I don’t want to, but because I’m wary of giving too much of myself away, or sadly of letting anyone get too close to the real me. Of course, there have been rare occasions when people have got past the facade; have caught a brief glimpse of the other me. I hope those people over the years realised how very special I thought they were, and of how much they meant or mean to me. I don’t know if they do or don’t, but the fact remains that it takes an amazing person to get inside my heart and more importantly, my mind. Unfortunately though, life is often a cruel mistress, hopes and dreams are often dashed. Even when those you want and love the most in life are out of reach to you.

3 thoughts on “Time passes, memories fade.

  1. Death and the grief that comes with it are hard things to come to terms with, almost a year ago my best friend died then her brother was killed 3 months later. In the space of 13 weeks I lost two of the people i was closest to, at first I shut my self off from other people, refused to talk about it with anyone and generally kept to myself. but all that did was make me more sad and more depressed, so i started to talk to people about it, and the more i talk about them the better I remember them, the way she laughed and smiled, the way they would do impressions of famous people to cheer me up when i was sick or in a bad mood, the way they just made the world a better place for having them in it.
    So don’t shut people out and isolate yourself. If you give people the chance to get in and see the real you, it may be the best thing you ever do.
    And as a mother myself I imagine the last thing your mum would’ve wanted is for you to keep a wall between yourself and other people, because thats no way to live life, take it from someone who learnt that lesson the hard way!

    • Dear Anon. Thank you for your comments, and please accept my heartfelt wishes with regards to your own loss. You’re right about talking – it does help, and over the years I have learned to do this. It did take a while though, but you do get there int he end..!

  2. Anybody who, like me, has taken the time to get to know you, knows that you’re not “cold” – so stop being so bloody stupid! You made me cry reading this though, you git!

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