Random thoughts on the train to work (1)

Damp leaves. Empty streets. Crowded platform. Can’t concentrate. Late train. Sun rises over the fields. Starlings whirl.

Mist begins to clear, although not in my mind. Think about the day ahead – no enthusiasm, no point. I can’t get what I want.

Day dreaming. Rain on train windows. Take me far away from here. Who can save me from myself? Strength is not everlasting, something has to give. Brown eyes, deep sighs. Racing heart. Nervous goodbyes.

From the first I was lost and to the last I am yours. What’s the point of second best?

There’s not another soul in the world I could possibly belong to.

When I’m near you, my heart just won’t be told. Desire, pain and sadness – a continuous raging storm that will never blow itself out.

Like my childhood, I think I could miss you forever. I no longer know anything worth mentioning. Out of the blue, I must shoulder the blame for breaking myself in two.

Ripples, butterflies, driving rain, a hurricane. Life is too short for shyness and guilt. I must let you go, though I love you so.

Life shouldn’t be about “I’m happy, but…..” Always chase the impossible. Something’s in life are worth the chaos that arrives.

4 thoughts on “Random thoughts on the train to work (1)

  1. She must be someone very special to inspire such beautiful words. Have you told her how you feel. Take a chance she may feel the same!

    • Life quite often looks messy or complicated or even impossible, though usually turns out simple enough in the end. What’s so complicated about the situation? Is she with someone else?

  2. Ever being the gentleman, it would be wrong and unfair of me to comment directly about other people. I can only comment on my own thoughts, which on the whole are quite often straight off the top of my head, and unedited. However, to further answer your first comment, yes, she is very special, and yes, she does know.

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